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Shara Today - Earnings without attachments

Shara Today is a place where you can spend time with benefit. The portal contains the best ways to earn money with and without investments: bonus tap, surfing sites, tasks. In addition to making money, there are many interesting things. These are various articles on earnings, as well as project monitoring where you can familiarize yourself with the latest in investment hype projects.
But the site itself is more specialized for people who want to make money on the Internet, or find a place to advertise because the site has a lot of traffic per day, which will give you a huge influx of visitors to your site or project. In your account you can see sections that will be released soon for additional income, as well as various contests on the site.

registration on the website

It is important to fill out all the points when registering! Be careful one person can only have one account! registration on the site

Crane Bonus

Every hour you can receive up to 0.25 rubles to your account for withdrawal. You just need to click on the advertisement, then enter the captcha to confirm and your bonus!
And to increase the bonus you need to replenish by a certain amount, you can find in the table.
Shara today - bonuses

Site Updates

Soon there will be a lot of interesting things to increase your earnings, and soon each participant will be able to make a deposit and receive daily interest from the site in the Bank section!
Reading letters will appear, filling out surveys where the payment will be much higher than in the surfing section where you are only viewing ads. And there will probably be some updates over time.
Shara today - update on the site
On the project, you can earn money without investments, but you need to type a minimum of 10 rubles to withdraw money
Shara today - earnings

Project marketing

There are 3 tariff plans on the project:
  • Deposit "Standard" The amount of deposit from 20r to 10000r. Deposit term 30 days with a yield of 110% (3.66%) per day
  • “Plus” deposit. Deposit amount from 200r to 15000r. Deposit term 60 days with a yield of 122% (2.03%) per day
  • “Premium” deposit. Deposit amount from 500r to 20,000r. Deposit term 90 days with a return of 135% (1.50%) per day
Shara today - project marketing

Bounty Program

The bounty program is what you can earn absolutely without investments, having a well-developed social network or YouTube channel, we pay you for advertising our project, all conditions will be described below in more detail, at the moment there are 5 types of earnings on the bounty:
1) Video on the YouTube channel
2) Post in the VKontakte group
3) Post on the channel in Telegram
4) An article about us on your resource
5) Find the BAG / error on our website

affiliate program

Invite your friends and acquaintances to the site and get 20% from the Crane, and 3% from their Replenishment.
The site has the ability to receive free referrals. To do this, you need to go to the section - Leader of referrals and pay 30 rubles, after which all referrals that come to the site not via the referral link become yours, but at any time another member can activate this function.


Project start: 07.25.2019
Payouts: pays Manual (Processing time up to 48 hours, usually much faster)
Money deposit and withdrawal: Payeer, Yandex, Qiwi, Perfect Money
The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 rubles
Minimum deposit: 20p
 Best regards
َAssam Boulbir

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